Alton and North East Hampshire Show
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The Annual General Meeting of the North East Hants Agricultural Society will be be held at the renovated Froyle Park, Upper Froyle, on Wednesday 18 March at 6.30pm- NEHAA Members will be circulated with details shortly


Alton and North East Hampshire Show 2015

Having announced the success of its earlier Recruitment Drive and its intention to stage the 2015 Alton Show next July, it is with great sadness and reluctance that the Management Committee of The North East Hants Agricultural Association (NEHAA) has been forced to decide not to hold the Show after all.

Richard Buer, President of the Association, commented that this had not been an easy decision to take, but it has not proved possible to reconcile the needs of the owners of the site with those requirements for the Association which would enable it to stage the event at its usual showground, Froyle Park.

"'We have been in ongoing discussions with the land owners in an effort to find a solution that meets their commercial requirements and our ability to run a successful agricultural show . . . Sadly, we have not been able, in the time available, to find a compromise which would allow us to stage the Show on the site in a manner which we felt was satisfactory for our customers."

"In the meantime, we have, of course, been looking into other potential sites, but it has not been possible to secure one suitable in the Alton area for 2015. Other sites slightly further away were considered, but the Management Committee felt unable to support them given the current limited resources of the Association."

"However, I am pleased to confirm that the North East Hants Agricultural Association will continue to fulfil its primary objectives of educating and informing through its continuing Schools Education Programme and the other events which it already stages. The Schools Programme has had a very successful year and has seen an increase in the uptake of local schools. We are committed to the ongoing Education Programme and plan to continue developing and expanding it."

The Association will also be continuing its annual Ploughing Match, Unfortunately this years Match, which was to be held at Norton Farm, Selborne, had to be cancelled after two nights of heavy rain left the Match Site waterlogged and with more rain scheduled, postponing the match was not an option.

The next NEHAA Ploughing Match will be held on October 18th 2015 - site to be confirmed.